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Meet Jessica, Lilly Scientist and Breast Cancer Survivor

  • Meet Lilly scientist Jessica Baker. She is an oncology researcher and breast cancer survivor. Jessica is featured in PhRMA’s GOBOLDLY campaign. The new “Together” commercials tell the stories of researchers who are driving cutting-edge advances in science alongside patients whose lives have been positively impacted by breakthrough medications.

  • Jessica’s work developing cancer diagnostics at Lilly took on personal significance when she was diagnosed at age 36 with breast cancer. Five years later and in full remission, Jessica signals her journey to the world by coloring her now-returned, full head of hair bright pink.

  • “Defeating cancer is by far my biggest accomplishment,” Jessica says. “It is the most difficult thing I have ever gone through. Once I got my strength back, I vowed to keep fighting this disease each day as a scientist, advocate and volunteer.”

  • “I keep a picture of my own tumor at my desk. For every tumor I look at or we test here at Lilly, there is a hopeful patient on the other side,” Jessica says.

  • Jessica had a type of breast cancer that was particularly aggressive and for which the most effective treatment was only recently developed. “If the targeted drug I took wasn’t around, I wouldn’t be here today,” she says. “Medical innovation saved my life. That is why I decided to be a part of the ‘Together’ campaign – I wanted to give others hope.”

  • Jessica is now cancer-free, and her experience has given her a new perspective on life. She knows that she cannot take a single moment for granted. She loves spending time with her son, Jackson. He helps her raise awareness in the community. “He tells people to get their mammograms,” Jessica laughs. “It’s really cute.”